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Free Tarot Journal

Altered Tarot (1).png

This tarot journal is designed for the fun-loving, sarcastic soul who’s seeking healing, guidance, and a bit of activism along the way. This journal is a great place to start your journey with Altered Arcana!

What's Inside?
Three Tarot Spreads:
Consciousness Spread to use for any situation
Boy toy Spread for tricky romance
Scales Spread to use when you need to choose between two options


6 Days of Journal Prompts:
Kickstart your self-reflection journey with journal prompts designed to inspire insights, personal growth, and a sprinkle of humor. 

Affirmations to Combat Negative Thoughts:
Empower yourself with 11 affirmations that help banish negative thoughts and cultivate a positive mindset. These affirmations will remind you of your worth, strength, and potential.

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