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Healing With Recapitulation

Recapitulation is a spiritual and psychological practice rooted in indigenous traditions, particularly from the Toltec culture of Mexico. It involves reviewing and past experiences to reclaim the energy you’ve left behind in those moments.

By revisiting these experiences consciously, you can release emotional burdens, heal old wounds, and restore your vitality.

What is the treatment like?

Begin by identifying significant experiences in your life that have left a lasting impact. These could be moments of intense emotion, trauma, or any event where you feel a part of your energy was left behind. Write down your age and the emotions you were feeling during the experience. You do not need to relive the event, you only need to remember your emotions. Use the moon card/ace of wands meditation to connect with your spirit guide.

tarot meditation for trauma healing meeting with spirit guide

Create your mental house with you, your younger self, and teenage self in mind. You can use artistic renditions like the one below or find houses or castles online with video tours to get a clear concept of your house. Remember, you can have whatever you want here and you can make changes at any time. 

tree home with fairys and flowers

When you are ready to travel with your spirit guide to the pieces of you stuck in trauma use the moon card meadow meditation. Talk to the piece of yourself there, discuss what changes have happened in your life, and explain how you are in a safe place now. See if you can convince your younger self to come with you to your mental house.

This program includes personalized journaling, tarot readings, and guided meditation. Please contact me for information if you would like to do recapitulation sessions. These sessions can be performed in person or through online meetings.

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